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What Makes Us Different


​For Managers

Small number of clients

Able to execute a strategic marketing initiative with absolute focus

Articulate a manager's business and strategy in detail


Many of our clients consider us to be an extension of their own team

Strategy & Process

A comprehensive business plan and timeline of activities

Develop execution strategy in collaboration with investment team, 

marketing and investor relations professionals

Co-ordinate due diligence tailored to Asian market

Deep knowledge of investors

Granular and up-to-date knowledge of investors, their biases, criteria and current of portfolios

Specific knowledge of investors' decision making processes


We maintain frequent communication, on-going dialogue and provide regular reporting, maintaining accountability with our manager clients


We help managers acquire long-term investor relationships and a granular knowledge of investors in the region

Japan & Pan Asia Coverage

Independent - We are not tied to a single financial institution ‘eco system’, so can find opportunities across all constituencies


We cover the Asia region. 


​For Institutional Investors

Industry Knowledge

Investors trust our knowledge of asset classes, strategies and industry constituents

We take  a consultative approach to educate investors on asset classes, strategies and managers

Manager Sourcing

Our ability to source world class institutional managers who are appropriate for Asian institutional portfolios

Assistance with due diligence

We act as a local and approachable bridge to the manager (in the same time zone)


We facilitate transparency and knowledge transfer

Accessible reporting, materials, translations and one-on-one meetings 

Long standing relationships

Many relationships date back to the early and mid-1990s with individuals who now hold senior positions.


Trusted as part of the local industry network


We are fully legally accountable in our local jurisdiction which provides our manager clients and investors comfort and trust

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